First go playing TF2 online!

So, after playing against bots for a few days I joined a Team Fortress 2 server this evening with David and we had a pretty good time! First David joined an empty payload server escorting a train to the other side of the map. Good clean fragging fun there, especially with a rocket launcher!

Next a game of capture point on Gravel Pit and we got thrown on to different teams. Woah, great stuff! The server was a mixture of humans and bots though I didn’t realise that for a while. The replay function works really well but I didn’t have Quicktime installed so I couldn’t save them. Sucks that I lose the recordings when I exit TF2! 😦

PS. Thanks Deffik and Shaz for the games of Bad Company 2. My computer just wasn’t up to the task this evening, though I did enjoy taking down all those helis with the VADS!

David blasting my team to smithereens with his minigun!