Battlefield 3 news coming tomorrow

Two days ago a Battlefield 3 PR event was held in London according to this thread but you won’t be hearing about it until tomorrow as there’s a news embargo until then and I guess nobody is as big as Techcrunch so they won’t break it. Nevertheless…

Ok, so they didnt let us near the machines to play it as its pre-alpha code (and even in the demo it crashed occasionally).

Also, they wouldnt talk about certain aspects. (boooo)

And they have embargoed the whole world from talking about until the 8th (Friday). So, until then, all I can really say is “wow… it looks awesome and I seriously think I might play this”.

I have answers to some of your questions but they were quite tight lipped but I’ll tell you what I know come Friday.


Keep an eye on the Battlefield forum at tonight then!