My PC BfBC2 KDR Goal

After last night’s brilliant performance on PC, which was interrupted by my taking down a helicopter with an unguided RPG I have a new goal in the game.

KDR is all important to most players, despite what they’ll tell you about playing the objective and all that sort of thing. It has to be because you don’t want to be losing firefights all the time, right? It’s no fun spawning on the recon back in your base that has only 1 kill by the end of the game is it?

Wrong! I’m well on the way there already so my goal is a 0.01 KDR!
Sometimes of course enemy soldiers will walk in front of my bullets and stay there long enough to fall over in a funny way but it doesn’t happen very often. Still plenty of opportunity for me to support my team as a medic, assault or engineer of course. (Recon doesn’t count, I never play that role anyway.)

Who’s joining me? (Certain scenes from the Life of Brian flash though my head right there, you’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen it!) I’m docaoimh on Steam, donncha on PC BfBC2 and whenever I play PC games the preferred method of chat is Skype but I have mumble installed too if that’s your thing.

Catch you (or probably not because you’ll sneak up on me) on the Battlefield!