Had some great games with David and Bedo Empire (Was that his username? I forget, sorry!) on Bad Company 2 last night.

Like others in the Bad Company 2 community we’re playing using our “secondary accounts” so we’re starting from scratch again. Problems with match making continue and the two of us were dumped into a game defending on Valparaiso against 2 level 50s and a level 42 player. It was 2 vs 3 and the result was never in doubt but hell, we put up a fight! I wish I was recording because we had lots of fun. Despite their high levels, they were rubbish helicopter pilots, just hovering in place. I got a nice rocket straight up into the vehicle without a tracer dart.

After David did a call out for help Empire joined us and on attack we took the first base quickly, and managed to get one crate on the second before the other team were joined by a clan of high level players. It was something like 3 vs 8 then so we went looking for another game.

Unfortunately stats weren’t recorded for our last game. I went 19/8 and we were the best squad despite having us low level players, without magnum ammo on the squad. I made it to level 1, unlocked a vehicle spec and a shotgun and they were all lost. Luckily the ammo box I unlocked in the previous game stayed but it’s disappointing. I couldn’t care less about losing stats on my main account because I’ve unlocked everything (but some of the recon weapons) but for raw recruits it’s hard. *sob*

I’m sorta liking the AEK now, even without magnum ammo.