Bad Company 2 on the Xbox 360 has better audio than the PS3. At least that’s my impression every time I hear it. Maybe it’s my headphones but the audio sounds clearer, and more vibrant.

Anyway, I joined TheFingersHurt and two of his friends, Gaggapudding and BasicTorshiro for a few games of Bad Company 2 on the Xbox. First up was conquest on Heavy Metal and games on that are as manic as they are when I’m playing with my friends on PS3. Mad racing jeeps, indiscriminate firing of rockets and bumping of each other’s vehicles and that sort of madness!

We played rush on Oasis too, and when attacking failed miserably right until we made a concerted effort. I smoked up the area, we armed Bravo and defended it but it was too late. Still, we defended the same base successfully on the first game too so maybe it’s hard to attack? We tried Cold War too but the less said about that the better. Ahem.

Should have gameplay videos of those games up sometime, the games of on Heavy Metal were especially mad and memorable!