I’ve said it before (maybe in my head, but probably in this video) but watching other players in the theater mode in Black Ops is enlightening.

Sometimes I’m outgunned but more often than not it’s because I rush around too much and I’m easy pickings for those with more patience. I’m no Pyropuncher, by a long shot.

So what should a level 9 Black Ops player do? My favourite weapon class is the assault rifle but I’ve only unlocked the Enfield so far. It can be effective but against higher level players I’m outgunned.

I need to play more defensively, I think.

I watched a game I played last night in which I went 6-13 on Jungle (it’s in my recent games list) and it was interesting seeing the highest scoring player play in Theater. He went around with a shotgun and played brilliantly. In one confrontation he jumped out of a hut flanking three enemy soldiers and took them all down. Later however he grabbed a sniper rifle and lay on the ground for a good 20 seconds with the scope on trained on one location. Guess who was unlucky enough to go (slowly and warily) around that corner? Yeah, I still recall thinking he must have been a little camping fecker to get that kill…

So what are your favourite assault loadouts? Duck was using the galil and that motion detector along with his RC car. I watched Mike use that motion detector too in a game of domination but I don’t know if I’ve unlocked it yet. I’m currently using the Enfield with extended mags with hardline, sleight of hand and ninja perks and my global KDR is 0.75.

What would you do?