I have just completed my first commentary and boy is it bad. Not the gameplay, well, that’s only average. What the hell do I talk about for 14 minutes? I ramble on about retro computers, a bit of WordPress, assembler coding, and a tiny bit of gameplay related chatter.

I edited it all in iMovie 08, on Colin’s recommendation, and it was easy enough to use once I learned a few basic tricks.

I don’t know yet if I’ll make it public, but if you’re really curious about it, send me a DM on Twitter and I’ll send you the url when it’s uploaded. Warning, it’s cringe worthy!

In case you’re wondering, I used HDPVRCapture to record the game. I bought EyeTV the day before but it never worked properly so I opened a ticket on their support system. Finally, today they replied. Turns out the EyeTV 3 only supports the North American (NTSC?) HDPVR. It says so, buried deep down in this page. Don’t worry if you can’t find it, you’ll have to hunt. Thankfully they’re giving me a refund. That’s great because HDPVRCapture only cost me $29.95 and works perfectly!