Hell of a Bad Company 2 gaming session last night with bigpresh and his friend (who I don’t remember right now). We rocked every game, winning almost all of them, and racking up the kills. I’m pretty sure we got best team in each game too.

After watching this video by Colin I decided to try the 40mm shotgun attachment but I really never got the chance to use it effectively. The one time I knew an enemy was waiting for me behind a corner I missed him and ended up knifing him. Then 2 of his squad mates showed up, I knifed one, and shot the other just as he shot me. It all happened so fast the second dog tags came up as I was respawning! Got a nice 300 points for that encounter!

In other news, if you’re RPGing an MCOM station on Nelson Bay, please make sure you check your corners. Thanks for the dog tags! 😉

My global KDR increased to 0.85, skill level plummeted to 1.75 (don’t care, gets me easier games in the future) and my KDR for the night was 1.59!

Great games.