That was the funniest game of Bad Company 2. Only one defender on a game of Rush (and he eventually left) so we all loaded up with C4 and it was a race to blow the crates! The last crate was the best. Someone was dancing on the crate, spinning around and around like in Cardnumber7’s intro while 2 or 3 more players threw C4 on there for special effect. Oh how we laughed.

A following game on Isla against a team who piled helicopter after helicopter into the MCOM stations was a touch and go thing. As an engineer I stood in front of the first Alpha, heard the heli incoming, saw it and fired a rocket point blank range and got a vehicle destruction. It couldn’t have been more than a few feet from the ground! It was a really long game and they managed to push us right back to the last base. They took Bravo and Alpha was on it’s last legs. They had 29 tickets but we whittled them down, until we eventually won.

I went recon during that game just to unlock a few more items. I also got my “Long Service Surveillance Ops” pin for 100 motion mine assists. Had some fun with the SV98 too, getting a few noscope kills and I unlocked the sniper spotting scope. Good games with Tye, Mike, Duck and Conor.