You buying Medal of Honor?

It all seemed so easy in the last year or so to pick what games to buy.

  1. Modern Warfare? Check.
  2. Modern Warfare 2? Check.
  3. Bad Company 2? Check.
  4. Halo Reach? Check.

Medal of Honor? I don’t know yet. I’m waiting to see what Mike thinks of the game!

Meanwhile, videos have started to appear on ye olde Youtube..

Geoff likes it. +1

NGT likes it. +1

d0n7bl1nk likes it. +1

So, thumbs up from a number of Youtube commentators. Apparently lag has been pretty bad on all versions, particularly the consoles. Hopefully they’ll get that sorted out.

I’m actually enjoying Halo Reach and wishing it was multi platform so I could play in a game with my friends on the Playstation 3, but maybe the next Bungie game will give us that opportunity. I briefly considered buying a PVR as all the cool kids are doing that, but Bungie Pro is cheap enough, and you can render 50 minutes of gameplay for US$5 which won’t break the bank. If I feel motivated enough to try that, add a voice over and upload it, then I’ll splash the cash. It’s not as if I get amazing gameplay all the time but I do have my moments.