So at first we played with some crummy teams in Bad Company 2 Conquest last night but then played a couple of games of SDM which were a blast. Later on we teamed up with some good guys! Unfortunately the opposition were pretty tough too! I managed a positive or 1.0 KDR in only two games but we won a share of games too. Yes, I was that guy taking a bullet for the team.

Good News! There was hardly any C4 whoring! I armed a crate in one game when a wookie on my team rushed in and through stick after stick of C4 on it. I was shouting, “NOOOOO! Those were my points! I got here first!” but luckily he got killed by the enemy, I took out a medic but then fell myself. Too late to disarm the crate though! 🙂

Rush defence on Nelson Bay was particularly tough. We were down to our last base, and fought tooth and nail to secure it. I got several disarms and suffered an atrocious number of deaths but we got our win.

The final game I played on Isla was totally different as most of the enemy were camped on the hills around the first island. Every few minutes a helicopter would come flying in, crash and a single solitary soldier would leap out only to succumb to a hail of lead. They didn’t have a chance.

Thanks to almost all my regular team mates for joining in at one stage or another. Most of the team was made up of friends for quite a while which was a blast. Pity the PS3 doesn’t have the equivalent of Xbox Live party chat or we’d have totally kicked ass.