Conquest vs Rush. That’s easy! Conquest. Too many C4ing idiots in rush right now.

That’s why I was playing Conquest last night with Mike, Darran and Conor. We had some great games. Laguna Presa was especially enjoyable but I did notice that enemy players were using shotguns more and more so who was I to not take a hint?

Conquest has lots of close quarters fighting. So many encounters take place in buildings, around flags, and in choke points between flags that you need something with stopping power up close. A shotgun is perfect for that. I loaded up with the Saiga, extra shells and lightweight and had a pile of fun. My score wasn’t amazing or anything but I did take out two tanks with c4 earning me 300+ points each time. Unfortunately killing myself each time too. The first time because a sniper laid a mortar strike on the vehicle before I could get away. Grrr.

I also played Panama Canal for the first second time and that was a blast. The first time I played Bad Company 2 was in Conquest on this level and I hated it! I had no idea what was going on, there was so much cover I was being blasted to smithereens whichever way I moved and none of my team used a mic and were no help. My second game was a lot more enjoyable! 🙂

We got best squad in most of the games, I got a positive KDR in a few and once, just once, got the highest score in my squad, beaten to the top spot on our team by only 200 points or so.

I had a very quick game of Onslaught on hardcore difficulty this afternoon and boy is it impossible without a good team. Played on Isla and we got nowhere!

Cool, there’s a neat stats graph on the history page now! Look at my skill level bounce up and down!