Rush on Atacama Desert is hard. Mike, Conor and I played 2 rounds on it last night. Once defending and the second attacking.

In the first game we were pushed back to the last base before we managed to defeat the opposition. The maps are so wide they were able to get through time and again and even though we had full teams on both sides I only managed about 4 kills.
The second game was worse. We were attacking and didn’t even take the first base!

We played other maps with varying degrees of success. It seems to me that BC2 multiplayer is getting harder and harder. Perhaps only the “hardcore” players are left as everyone else has gotten bored of playing the same old maps time and again? Thanks Graham for joining us earlier in the evening!

My KDR is still at 0.82, but probably only just. My skill level plummeted to 222, or 156 depending on which number you look at. My win/loss is 1.53.

Here’s Stonefacelock and co attacking on Atacam Desert. We weren’t quite as successful.