I played about 20 minutes of Bad Company 2 last night. Only 2 memorable events:
1. I play with headphones and I caught the sound of echoing footsteps as I passed by a house on Arica Harbour. I looked up to see a medic who saw me. My grenade thrown in the window didn’t get him but I loaded my 40mm grenade launcher and headed to the door. Suddenly the medic appeared and WHAM! Blew him back with a grenade to the chest! 🙂

2. On Arica Harbour, it’s always a good idea to flank the enemy on the 3rd base. I did so and crept up on a recon guy. DOG TAGS! (copyright 2010 Evadlive)

So, use headphones if you can, you’ll hear things on even a cheap set that you won’t hear from your tv or hifi.