I got tea bagged last night. Well sort of. Mike and myself were defending on Arica Harbour and we tore through the enemy on the first base thanks to our tank.
On the second base it was more varied but I sneaked up to the top construction site and hid behind some bushes. Enemy soldiers poured past, and even though I got 4 or 5 kills in the space of 10-20 seconds nobody came looking for me! Two lads ran past me so I decided to follow them around the back of the town. I knifed the guy behind, and knowing that he might alert his squad mate rushed the second guy but unluckily ran out of ammo just as I caught up with him. He turned around and shot me! Argh!

I laughed out loud when he went over to my corpse and fired round after round into it. I should have sent him a “LOL” message. Nice to see I upset someone’s plans. 🙂

I only played the one game of rush after a game of Onslaught. My KDR remains at 0.81, but I got a KDR of 1.43 in that game. Skill level went up 75 points! Oh dear.