Onslaught is great for practising. Fire up a private game and you can fly a Hind, or shoot enemies with your M24 and learn how distance affects bullet drop. It doesn’t matter if you die because you’ll respawn if there’s only one player.

I played a game on Isla, and figured out that the bullet drop on the M24 wasn’t as great as I imagined before. The Hind that appeared shortly afterwards was very annoying but I made short work of it after I respawned as an engineer. Good opportunity to try the M1 Garand too.

Mike brushed up on his heli skills last night while he waited for us to finish a game. Good thing too as in our first game on Atacama Desert I piloted the Hind out of our base and promptly crashed, with the Hind landing upside down! We both got out unscathed.

I don’t think I or anyone will obsess about Onslaught like we do about Rush because it’s like playing a single player game, but with your friends. There is the leaderboard, and I noticed that I had the best time for at least one maplast night among my friends. It’s competitive that way, but more than anything it’s a great diversion and just what I need for a quick 5 minute blast.