How to get on a half decent team in Bad Company 2

If you’re Billy no-mates or all your online friends are offline you’ve probably noticed when you join a game of Bad Company 2 Rush that you’ll join a team getting demolished. It’ll more than likely be defending on Nelson Bay, but it could also be on Laguna Presa.

Sucks doesn’t it? I spent an hour one night trying to find a game that wasn’t about to finish in certain defeat. When I did get into a decently matched game I was too tired to do well!

So, what to do? Join a game on one of the other maps. I chose Arica Harbour and it’s worked out for me a few times. I joined decent teams who either did well, or were evenly matched with the opposition. ‘Course, it doesn’t always work out that way. 🙂

Have you ever tried this? Think back, when joining a game solo was there a greater number of crap teams on certain maps than others?