Sometimes your own team can be too good. Had a few games of Bad Company 2 after the patch downloaded. I noticed jets flying overhead a few times but not much else different.

First of all I joined Red Dragon in a game with Americans (been a while!) and while we tore up the other team the lag was terrible! Mike and bigpresh joined later and we played on for a bit but then moved on to a closer server. I guess transatlantic games are just too laggy.

The teams I played on were, in a word, awesome. I’ll finish this post later but they were so good they pushed so hard that those of us who remained defending the crates only got a few kills!

Still, my KDR somehow zoomed up to 0.77, I got a Gold Star for my knife and I’ve fallen in love with the AUG again. Also had fun with C4, getting 300 points for planting on a crate! 🙂