I just played a game of Bad Company 2 with the worst team ever.

First of all I spawned on a recon guy in the hills above the first base on Arica Harbour, and because I was afk when the game started I thought I was attacking. Nope. We were defending and all of my squad, 2 recons and a medic were perched on Sniper Hill. Alpha had already been taken and Bravo didn’t last too long.

Defending in the town, I hopped into the heavy tank and took out a few enemies. Someone planted Alpha, I took out an engineer in a house across the road with the tank who had fired an RPG into the crate, and killed an attacker in Alpha too. The crate was ripe for disarming! Did anyone oblige? Did they what? Disarm? I spotted two medics from my team on the roof of Alpha just hanging around, shooting the breeze.
I had to get out of the tank and hop into Alpha where I started to disarm but I was too late. I quit in disgust.