Couple of good games on the Xbox with Eddie. We lost most of the games and some of the teams we played with were atrocious, but we played a blinder in Valparaiso, base 3. Got a few nice RPG tank kills. I’m particularly proud of how I stole one of their tanks in that base but in a different game. I snuck behind their spawn with the intention of shooting the UAV operator. I can’t remember if I did but a pile of wookies appeared. They must have been at a conference. Shot 2 or 3 of them, spotted the light tank and made a run for it.
Unfortunately our team couldn’t hold down the base and shortly after I got back the last crate blew up. Boo! Earlier in that game I managed to steal their Apache helicopter too. I landed it at the back of our base for safe keeping but some busy body outside our squad took it and flew around a bit. I’d love to have been a fly on the walls of the other team to see their heli firing on them. 🙂

Some of the games were ridiculous however. In one game all the defenders left, and in the next game we joined we were left with 5 and then 6 players, half of the team being our squad! Still, we made a good showing. I suppose we should have just stayed back in our spawn area and sniped for the score but hey, you’ve gotta play for the objective. We also got the Best Squad pin, is that “best squad on your team” or in the game?

I unlocked the AUG, and I’m about 7,000 assault points from the AN-94. I’d forgotten how much I like the AUG actually. It was a pleasure to use, especially with body armour. Haven’t unlocked magnum ammo yet.
I also unlocked the AKS-74U, a fine weapon and one of my favourite engineer’s weapons. My KDR rose a notch, despite the last heavily outnumbered game to 0.72