The latest patch for Bad Company 2 makes “playing for the objective” a lot more rewarding! Arming an MCOM station and blowing it up earns you 250 points rather than 100 points as it was previously. Looks like defensive kills are now 50 points extra, 20 points more. I presume the scores have gone up for the opposite too.

I played yesterday evening with Mick and Conor in different games and boy were they tough. A lot more people were playing for the objective by defending and attacking the crates. So much so that I think I only disarmed one crate the whole night! Saying that, in our last game on Port Valdez we were defending and successfully stopped the enemy taking Alpha. I had my crosshairs trained on that crate for a good few minutes and took down any enemies that snuck past the rest of our defenses.

On that same map, but while attacking I was trying to trace the Hind helicopter, watching it skim over the buildings in the distance when it’s nose clipped some scenery. It did a back flip, head over heels, but somehow continued flying!
It was fun knifing the guy on the UAV on that map. After the second base most of my team retreated but I hung back, got 2 kills and went looking for the UAV stand. Spotted it and probably gave the operator quite a surprise!

Anyway, my KDR suffered, I got my third gold star for the AN-94, and used the M16 a bit. Got owned several times by medics at close range. That was the most frustrating experience, and partly down to tiredness and forgetting to pump the trigger finger. When I remembered to do it, the AN-94 is a devastating weapon.

I also made it to level 23, and I’ve put 48 hours of my life into this game!