Why is it that I always join a game of Bad Company 2 defending on Nelson Bay when I play alone?

I just “rage quit” when I joined a game where the final Bravo crate was all lit up. I didn’t even enter the game, just turned back and quit.

Later… Conor and Dave got online afterwards and we had a few games. Won maybe 2 of them, and lost badly on Laguna Preza. Dave has more on his blog.

It’s really disheartening to join a game right at the end of the match. I spent almost an hour looking for a fame where I wasn’t defending the last or second last base. Obviously the game engine has a warped sense of how “good” I am and thinks I can turn the tide on a rout!

MY KDR for the evening was 0.68 according to this history page. The increase of my global KDR to 0.74 happened before I played last night! Luckily it didn’t go down.

Later still … Dave posted what I consider the best Bad Company 2 video on Youtube, ever! This sniper was annoying as hell, I couldn’t figure out where he was as he got several one-hit kills so the damage indicator was no use! I remember Dave said he teabagged him, but it’s so delicious actually seeing it.