2 quick tips for Bad Company 2

So here I am sitting in a beautiful room looking out onto Dingle Harbour in County Kerry. The weather has unfortunately been less than favourable, but at least the rain has retreated and low cloud covers the waterfront. A stiff breeze blows but does nothing to move the seemingly perpetual mist.

What am I doing? I’m looking at Bad Company 2 videos on Youtube! Three cheers for free hotel wifi! Here’s two excellent tip and guide productions from BadCompany2Training.

The little window on two story houses marks the stairs, and where you should blow the wall to gain access, plus maybe kill an enemy or two.

And an in-depth guide to destroying buildings with C4. Love the bit about planting the C4 high to destroy the walls on both floors. Dave blogged another of their videos showing a sneaky way to get into an attic. Wonderful stuff. We played that level but unfortunately someone nabbed the quad bike and got to Alpha before us!