Mick and myself fairly rocked through several games tonight. We won some, lost others, had a great time and ruled in tanks and on foot.

Unfortunately the server disconnected in our last game, but I think the score remained (I leveled to 17, and I’m 21k points to 18 already!) but the dog tag I got from sneaking up behind an attacker is gone.

Our team made good use of tracers on Arica Harbour. I had one too but in one game we faced two tanks but I didn’t have to pull the tracer out. Others did the job and I locked on and fired. I think others are still getting the hang of it. We were traced in another game and yet rockets flew harmlessly past. Shame the server disconnected, we were having such a good time!

Earlier in the evening I booted up the Xbox to check if BC2 had been patched there and it appears it hasn’t. Field Operative was online though and I joined his squad after he sent me an invite. Unfortunately we were up against a very tough opposition on Nelson Bay. I joined after we took Alpha, then took Bravo. Got the second Bravo but the last Alpha was just a war of attrition which of course we lost. Too late we realized we should have flanked them. The game ended just as I got around the back of Alpha. 😦

Later: Bah. I just checked the screenshots I took and noticed that I lost all the points earned in the last game. I had leveled up to 18 but I’m back to 17 now. I wouldn’t mind if I had done badly.

Mick blogged about the games too, concentrating on Valapariso which I had forgotten about but where we made great use of the tank and pushed hard attacking.