I dodged a roadkill death last night in Battlefield Bad Company 2. As a defender I was shooting at a UAV from afar when I ran low on ammo for the M60. I ducked behind cover to reload and something made me look around while doing so. There was the UAV hovering by my shoulder!
In a panic I switched weapons and unfortunately only darted the vehicle (30 points, thank you!), switched back to my LMG and with a few bullets left in the gun destroyed the flying bug UAV!

Dave and myself played a few games of Battlefield Bad Company last night. They were very tough. We need more PS3 players to join us in our squad as the two of us are definitely at a disadvantage. As attackers in one game we just barely managed to take the base with about 7 tickets left. In another game on Isla we defended but were totally overrun on all but the very last base.

On Arica Harbour we had some fun attacking the second bases. We spawned just as other squads in our teams took the tanks so Dave got into one of the light transports and I hopped on the gun. We raced down to Alpha in the town where we tried unsuccessfully to blow the door on that crate with grenades. We failed miserably. Dave shouted, “Let’s go for Bravo!” and we dashed across the road. He set the charge and we raced upstairs, I stayed at the top of the stairs with my sights on the crate and sure enough about 4 enemy soldiers came in to defuse the bomb. None of them managed it and we got Bravo! We eventually got Alpha and I think won that game.

My KDR is nothing to write home about but my win/loss ratio has crept back up to 1.00 which I’m happy about.

PS. I just remembered. My brother in law Mike had a go of the multiplayer game earlier and while his team won the game his KDR didn’t help my stats! I’m partly to blame though, I kept telling him, press B, press B, press B when he was using a PS3 controller … In other news, I lost the game I joined when I was showing him the ropes. I was fuming when I got into an Apache helicopter, shouted at my squad to come back and join me and I didn’t hear a peep from them. Someone from another squad got in with me!