Dave wins a Hauppauge PVR

Well, it’s official! Dave has won the Hauppauge PVR on Geoff’s channel!

We had a few games with Geoff and Sokeil (I think is his name?) tonight and rocked most of the time, right until Geoff left and the defenders on Laguna Presa were just too strong, even with us laying down covering smoke on the base. Not sure where the rest of our team were but I think we were probably the strongest squad on our side. All the games were very close, both defending and attacking.

I got a chance to really evaluate the iMP cable too and to be honest I’m not happy with it. That score of 3/5 is getting changed to a 1/5. The picture quality is just too bad. I’ll update that post with more details shortly.

I unlocked a pile of things this evening. Can’t remember what but I there was at least one gun, and smoke for tanks. I’ll check tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I took advantage of the Isla MCOM building bug mentioned in my last post. Nice 100 points for taking it out! 🙂