Bad Company 2 client (R7) and server (R10) updates incoming

Here’s the list of changes coming on Wednesday for Battlefield Bad Company 2.

I presume those changes are for the PC version. The PS3 version will probably be patched next and the Xbox 360 version might take a while if past experience with MW2 is anything to go by.

Some changes that stood out for me:

  1. Added support for colour blind players
  2. Isla Innocentes MCOM building fixed where knifing the fence would destroy the building
  3. Added weapon balance tweaks to a number of weapons – we are eagerly awaiting feedback!

I’m not colour blind but this was a bitter bone of contention for some MW2 players. They haven’t mentioned what weapons will be balanced but I’m guessing the M60 will be affected.

We aren’t going to tell you what weapon balance tweaks we have done, we want your unbiased views on the changes before we detail what has changed.

Changes can be discussed on their forum here. (via)