And in tonight’s games with David I leveled up somehow to 10 but my KDR took a beating. We fought really strong teams in several rounds of rush and unfortunately mostly lost.

Off we went to squad deathmatch where we were joined by MrDippy and CavScout34. I was unfortunately more a liability than anything else although my second last game had a positive KDR (8/7) and in the last game on Isla I spotted a lot and practised setting up a tent on the slopes surrounding the town. I offered to make tea and David wanted marshmallows but I was rudely interrupted by two enemy flanking my position. Very inconsiderate.

I can’t wait until I get that component cable. Please arrive on Monday! Standard definition really sucks.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. I got my first Ken Burton friend request on PSN. I’ve already received 3 such requests on Xbox Live, but this was the first one. How do they possibly think I’m that nice fella Ken?

Just updated my Ken Burton post with this image of the friend request on PSN:

Update read David’s account of the gameplay too!