Couple of great games of Bad Company 2 with Eddie on the Xbox after work. I totally lost track of time!

I played recon with my trusty M1 for quite a while, and love that gun. Love the sound of it at least, even if it’s not the best gun in the game. I eventually unlocked the motion mines, and while defending they lit up the enemy nicely. I did try the M24 but, meh, I sucked at it. I got picked off by a sniper just after I respawned so I didn’t bother with it after that.

We lost mostly, but won at least one game. Mostly it was fairly evenly matched. It was tough but very enjoyable. We had a full squad with 2 strangers. Even though they didn’t use the mic at least they listened to me shouting at them. I think.

So, I leveled to rank 11. I unlocked the motion mine, the Type 88 sniper rifle, and one or two perks and got some achievement or other I think. KDR suffered but had great games.