So, myself, David and Conor played a few hours of Bad Company 2 tonight. We’re all low ranking players but getting to know the game better as we play. One of the new Rush maps, Laguna Presa, came up time and again and on my low res screen the foliage was a b*tch to see through. On the bright side David’s mic worked, but Conor’s didn’t. I contemplated calling him and leaving the phone on speaker phone as I have loads of minutes but that probably wouldn’t have worked too well.

Later Geoff sent me an invite to play and I asked David and Conor to join me. David did join the game but I think the game filled up and Conor couldn’t. Unfortunately for us we were playing against Geoff and his highly coordinated team on a map I presume they know well as Geoff’s latest video is set there! Let me just say, I hate Laguna Presa. The one highlight for me was knifing 3 enemy soldiers as they sniped from a cliff. Their medic got me though and then I got kicked out of the game so I’m not sure if those kills still count.

We got trounced, mostly.

I went looking for Conor and found him in Arica Harbour, playing Squad Deathmatch. I wasn’t on his team, but I did end up on the winning team, helping out with heals and revives and 7 kills to reach the winning score. Pure luck I ended up with them of course.

I’m almost rank 4 now (I think) and I unlocked the red dot sight and the first of the health pack improvements.

Update: David blogged about his game and he ended up doing well:

At that point I was going to blog the disaster and go to bed – BAH! But then I thought, let’s give it another go, I’ll use the Medic class and basically just stalk one of the other players shoving medpacks in his face and reviving him whether he likes it or not.

I rock.

Some other things come to mind. I’m sure I’ll remember some more later:

  1. There’s a glitch in Laguna, in the third base I think. It’s the one with the river running through the front of the base. I was disabling the bomb when suddenly I was in command of the guided missile launcher that was several feet away. I went WTF, got killed by Geoff in his tank behind me and the bomb exploded!
  2. Squad deathmatch is populated by lots of snipers. I was being sniped by a guy hidden in some trees but thankfully I was behind walls so the bullets didn’t hurt too much and a health pack helped. I waited him out and he eventually decided to run for it when I mowed him down with my LMG. Amazingly the roof of the house I was in was home to a sniper taking aim on the town in Arica Harbour. He had his back to the ladder. so the combat knife came in handy. Unfortunately his buddy sniper got me.
  3. On the first base in Laguna, we didn’t use the heavy gun on the boat enough to soften up the base. Must do that in future.