Read before buying the X Scorch 360:

The reason these never work is that the game is programmed for analog control. The mouse can effectively “mimick” analog, but the problem is the reason people prefer mice is the much *greater* range of movement. This is something that can’t be mapped down to analog and back up. Imaging flicking your mouse in Counter Strike to spin around 180 degrees. There’s no equivalent analog stick movement that will do that that fast, thus the mouse can’t send that input to the game. It’s as simple as that. Console shooters are designed to be played with the console’s controls, IMO it’s just a different sort of game and one worth embracing rather than just considering them flaws because you’re used to M&K (flanking someone in Halo means so much more than in Unreal for instance).

The comment above (from this post) explains why all those expensive devices that allow you to use a mouse and keyboard with the Xbox 360 don’t and won’t work. The X Scorch uses an interesting nunchuck and mouse combo.

Here’s the demo of the X Scorch that’s doing the rounds. Everyone’s enthusing about it but it probably has the same lag issues the other devices that do the same thing have. Using the device might get you banned from Xbox Live too.