Ghosting through Modern Warfare 2

This video of ghosting almost persuaded me to pick up a knife and start a melee campaign on Modern Warfare 2 again. ONLYUSEmeBLADE gives lots of tips and advice for staying invisible on the battlefield.

What sealed it for me was this melee guide on codnation. Pilot lists several different types of play style and gives plenty of excellent advice on how to go about knifing the enemy team. Based on it I kitted up with:

  1. UMP (with silencer when I unlocked it after my first game)
  2. AA-12 that went mostly unused
  3. claymores and flashbangs
  4. and Scavenger pro, Cold Blooded and Ninja pro.

During the games there were plenty of UAVs and air support. I kept well away from my team and I think I died only once, when a harrier airstrike got lucky. I didn’t do quite a swell in the games that followed that first 11/5 one but I enjoyed myself.